Since 2001, Pine Academy Group is committed to provide quality and excellent education services. The parent company of several institutions of higher learning, Pine Academy Group aims to fulfill the needs of individuals residing in different continents to the utmost perfection and paramount dignity.

Going through different eras, Pine Academy Group has been a hidden yet exceptionally pivotal force of success in the education fields, in Southeast Asia, East Asia, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe countries. We have brought these quality services through our global network of partners, who equally share our mission and vision. To name a few, European University in Switzerland, University of Bolton in UK, La Trobe University in Australia, Institute of Financial Accountants, and many more.

Pine Academy Group, through her institutions of higher learning maintains internationally accepted educational standards through prime academic theories, workplace assessment and flexible teaching methodologies. This unique blend of theoretical parts and practical elements has brought tremendous success to the participants over the years.

The number of graduates through our various institutions of higher learning campuses has reached to more than 2,500 all over the world. These graduates are serving at different disciplines in many different countries by sharing the knowledge and experience that they have gained.

The learning centres managed by Pine Academy Group are few of the well-established education institutions. It is distinguished by its commitment to bring quality education to a worldwide network of students to achieve their career and non-career related opportunities.

At Pine Academy Group, we understand the different needs of students and our programmes are designed to make students feel that that the programmes are tailor-made for their own individual requirements.

Pine Academy Group’s main learning centres are located in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thus far, more than 800 undergraduate and postgraduate students have received a focused, technologically based education.

Accredited by many world renowned institution and universities, Pine Academy Group offers many nationally and internationally recognised academic programmes via her registered institutions of higher learning. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered through the faculties of Accounting, Business, Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mass Communication and the Language Centre. Pine Academy Group is using innovative teaching and state of the art research methodologies to stay ahead with the 21st Century competition.