Language Education

Jesselton College, Malaysia

Programme Aims
The programme is designed for students to improve their English proficiency in a short amount of time. Students will be taught academic English language instructions to prepare them for English-speaking universities and working environments. Students will be able to develop and master their speaking, reading, writing as well as listening skills. Students will then be able to apply these skills in academic, social and working environments.

At the end of the programme, students will be expected to demonstrate the following skills at their own particular level:

  • Ability to converse in English
  • Understand and interpret spoken English
  • Skill to read and comprehend written English on varied topics
  • Competence in various types of writing
  • Use of appropriate vocabulary and structure

The various levels of the programme are structured to enhance vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Students who have completed up to Advanced module will be awarded the certificate from Stamford Raffles College, Singapore. Exemptions may be granted for certain modules based on the placement test result. However, students must complete at least three modules to qualify for the award.

Programme Duration
Full-time: 3 months for each level

Programme Syllabus
The various modules of the programme are structured so as to enhance:

  • vocabulary
  • listening and speaking skills
  • reading and writing skills

Standard Core Modules
There are 3 levels of English studies as per the Common European Frameworks level system, namely:

  • CEF – A1  Elementary
  • CEF – B1  Intermediate,
  • CEF – C1  Advanced

Students who have completed Advanced level, equivalent to Common European Framework level C1 will be eligible to exempt from English proficiency test for admission to degree programmes conducted by our institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.