Pine Academy Charity Campaign – Your Trash Is My Treasure

Last November, a month long charity event was conducted at Pine Academy. Fittingly called “Your Trash Is My Treasure”, the campaign was spearheaded by Pine Academy’s Business Event Management students with Ms. Angie as their advisor.

In this campaign, the students collected unwanted items such as clothes, books, stationery and any daily necessities that are in good condition, and donated them to NGO charities. After long deliberation, San Damiano Convent and Tzu Chi Centre were selected as the two NGOs to receive the donated items from this campaign. San Damiano Convent hostel accommodates students who are either orphan, poor, from large families, broken families as well as from divorced and single parents. On the other hand, Tzu Chi Centre is a recycling collection point. However, the centre deals not only with the collection of recyclables but also provides education on the humanistic conservation of the  environment.

With these two NGOs in mind, the campaign’s main aims were to encourage donations and drive action in order to help people who are in need such as the orphan children, those living in poverty and disabled children, in terms of social, mental and educational aspects. Besides that, the campaign also raised awareness on the importance of preserving the environment to achieve sustainable development.

A lot of time and effort were put forth for this charity event that began with the setting up of a committee, scheduling and dividing the workload among the committee members. In addition, the committee managed to acquire Red Bull as the main partner of this campaign. Red Bull sponsored 120 bottles of energy drinks that served as mystery gifts to encourage the participation of donors.

Long before the commencement of the donation drive, the members raised awareness by hanging up attractive posters, giving away flyers and gave short briefings regarding the campaign. Besides that, a dress code was also introduced so that the committee members can easily be identified and approached throughout the campaign. The members also volunteered to carry the donated goods from the donors and gave stickers to them as the goods were received. Through hard work and perseverance the successful campaign managed to garner a lot of support from students, staff and the public alike.

At the end of the campaign, as the Pineers delivered the recyclables to Tzu Chi Centre, they also took the opportunity to tour around the place and learn firsthand, the basic process in recycling and its many benefits.